Eyelashes are more than just a beauty element because it protects our eyes from debris which can otherwise obstruct our vision. It also protects our delicate eyes from any kind of eye infection and for this reason, it is an absolute necessity to take good care of it. According to our natural cycle, eyelashes grow, fall and re-grow in every 6 to 10 weeks. There are some special cases where it doesn’t this natural cycle and then it started affecting your eyes.

Like our hair, it is also common to lose 1 to 5 lashes every day. If you experience more rapid lash fall which is also known as madarosis, then it is an indication of some underlying health issues. Before rectifying the ways of eyelash falling issues, it is important to know the causes of eyelash fall first.

What are the causes of falling eyelashes?

There can be many causes of the falling of eyelashes but the most significant of them are:

If you are undergoing through any of these above-stated symptoms, then see your doctor now and get the recommendation to treat this eye problem.

Latisse is a FDA approved prescribed medicine which doctor’s generally suggest to treat this eyelash loss issues. This serum contains Bimatoprost 0.03% which enables you to have thick, dark and lengthy eyelashes. It is important to keep your eyelashes healthy all the time and for this reason, you should make it a routine to wash your eyes when you come back home to clean all the dust and debris from your eyes. Glands present in your eyelids naturally lubricate your lashes, so you don’t always need to use any serum to keep your eyelashes moist but if it turns dry, then serum like Latisse is needed. It is safe to use but if you encounter any kind of side effects like:

Then, see your doctor now and use the serum according to his/her instruction. Latisse UK Online is available online and at a cheap price and so if you are already losing your eyelashes very fast, don’t wait anymore. Get approval from your doctor and start using Latisse now.