Eyelashes are more than just a cosmetic feature because they shield our eyes from foreign objects that may otherwise impair our eyesight. It also guards against any eye infections, so it is crucial to take proper care of it to prevent damage to our eyes. Eyelashes grow, fall out, and then regrow in accordance with our natural cycle every six to ten weeks. There are some unique situations when it doesn’t follow this normal cycle and then it begins to harm your eyes.

Similar to how our hair falls out, 1 to 5 lashes typically fall out each day. Rapider lash loss, sometimes referred to as madarosis, is a sign that you may have underlying health problems. It’s crucial to understand the reasons why eyelash fall before attempting to fix the problems.

What causes eyelashes to fall out?

Although there are numerous potential reasons why eyelashes fall out, the following are the most important ones:

Cosmetic use that caused irritation or itching: Some people have a tendency to wear eye makeup while sleeping or for an extended period of time before removing it, which causes their eyelashes to fall out frequently.

Suffering from skin cancer: People who have skin cancer frequently endure this lash loss. Localized lash loss became a regular issue among them.

Blepharitis: If you notice itching, redness, or swelling of your eyelids, you likely have the condition. Falling eyelashes are a common occurrence for them because of the problem, which was caused by an obstructed oil gland close to the base of the eyelashes.

Trichotillomania: It’s likely that you will be frequently tearing off your eyelashes, and eyelash thinning is normal, if you’re experiencing extreme stress and mental anguish.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, consult your doctor right away to find out how to cure this eye condition.

Doctors typically recommend Latisse, an FDA-approved prescription drug, to treat eyelash loss difficulties. This serum’s Bimatoprost concentration of 0.03% enables you to have eyelashes that are thick, dark, and long. It’s crucial to maintain the health of your eyelashes at all times, so establish a pattern of washing your eyes as soon as you get home to remove all of the dirt and debris. You don’t always need to use a serum to keep your eyelashes moist because glands in your eyelids regularly lubricate them, but if they start to get dry, a serum like Latisse UK is required. It is safe to use, but if you experience any negative effects, such as:

Visit your doctor right away and use the serum as directed by him or her. If you’re losing your eyelashes quickly, don’t wait any longer; Latisse is affordable and available online. Start using buy latisse UK as soon as your doctor gives permission to use it.

Where to buy Latisse?

This eyelash growth serum is readily accessible at local drug stores. Also, some online pharmacies sell it. You can choose any option to get your hands on this amazing serum that will make your lashes grow faster.